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Takuya Angel Style!

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binglebong @ 06:44 pm: Yoroi Kyahan & Side Zip Shirt size S - GIVE AWAY - UPDATE
I am trying to get rid of the last bits of my TA collection. These were purchased in 2008, and have been sitting in a drawer for longer than I'd like to admit. Each item was worn once, but the Kyahan have unfortunately acquired moth holes in the left knee. Here are pictures of the two being worn, and one of their current condition.


If anyone is interested, I am moving soon, and honestly I would be happy to just give them away, (buyer would still pay shipping). I am happy to include the original tags and stickers that are pictured. Shipping is $5 each, and I ship USPS standard with tracking. Please comment with any questions, or if you have an offer. I live in a house with a cat, but I will lint roll each item carefully before shipping.


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Date:April 30th, 2014 04:55 am (UTC)
Ill be more than happy to give them a good home for you if youd like.
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