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Takuya Angel Style!

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July 21st, 2011

vizjewel_style @ 08:20 pm: My DP and Bustier
Come see!Collapse )


envirion @ 07:53 pm: Woohoo! (A lucky pack post)
So, back in mid-April, I decided to buy one of the donation lucky packs (35000yen). Takuya-san replied that the items were in the Tokyo shop and because of the fear of radiation, was not able to get to it. I didn't mind since it was a charity pack so waited... and waited...
...and then early May, I decided to buy the Tsuru (Crane) mizuhiki comb as well. x3 I asked him if he could send it to me in the same package and paid for it separately.
As time grew on, I was getting a bit antsy so I asked him about the status in early June and got a reply that he was going to ship soon.

And it came today! xD Full of awesome!Collapse )

Since I now have doubles, I'm gonna sell the used red komu inu zip tee shirt I got from thislonlyflower. You can see a picture of it it in his old post. I've worn it a couple times but it's still in the same state I got it in. :3 It's faded but still good to wear! I'm asking for $20 + shipping.

July 5th, 2011

meltingxmoon @ 11:10 pm: semi-related question
Does anyone know the status of [a]narchy?
I've followed them on just about everything (aside from twitter) and it seems they don't do too much with the shop anymore since they left Japan.

Can anyone confirm?

June 5th, 2011

nekoami_chan @ 05:09 pm: TAKUYA ANGEL FASHION SHOW & RAVE @ NEKOCON 14!!


It has been officially announced that Takuya Angel will be coming back to the USA to Nekocon 14, 2011 on November 4th - 6th in Hampton VA with a full fashion show along with DJ sets for the Nekocon raves!

He will be bringing along his ADORABLE wife Akiko who will aid in putting together his amazing styles and looks for the fashion show and manning his booth. You'll have plenty of chances to meet and greet both of them, get autographs and photos and ask him questions at his Q&A panel.

He blew the house down at Anime USA last year with him amazing DJ sets and got many interested in his signature fashion styles. He also had items to sell at the Tainted Realty booth along with his mini-album "Ima wa Makashi" (which will also be available for sale at Nekocon and the Tainted Reality website). HOWEVER! This time Nekocon is going to give him his very own table to sell even more of his items for you to pick up while he's here in the states.

We will soon be looking for models for his fashion show and dancers for his DJ sets. When the time comes that we will be taking entries, I will make a post here for you to get all the details on what we will need from you in order to enter and possibly be a part of his very unique world.

Please pass along this info to your friends and to other communities if you can. If you can't make it out, at least wish him the best of luck on his Facebook and Twitter. The hard times after the devastation that hit Japan in March have been tough for everyone including Takuya. Any support or just words of encouragement you can give him in the months ahead will be amazing!

Keep an eye on :

www.taintedreality.net and Tainted Reality's Facebook & Twitter

for more details about this and other events soon to come


Thanks so much guys :D




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May 30th, 2011

nekoami_chan @ 12:41 am: SOLD RE-POST Price Reduction on Brand new WT Never Worn or Tried On TA Top!
If you didn't see it before, here it is again.

I've lowered the price. Thanks for looking :D


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May 22nd, 2011

vizjewel_style @ 02:21 am: New Post Above
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